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Cambrian is revolutionizing design with mixed reality visualization technology that enhances how consumers, designers and brands interact. Our unique platform is the premier mobile destination for space transformations.

Our team of mixed reality masterminds and design experts are creating an imaginative environment where individuals explore their ideas, consider the design possibilities, and enjoy the instantly transformed results.


Cambrian delivers engaging customer experiences through practical application of advanced technology. Our goal is to create seamless interactions that look and feel like magic.

We achieve realism through computer vision, machine learning, augmented reality, and automation. Our visualization platform will push the frontiers of technology into the future.

Generating Smart Images

Our apps employ machine vision and learning algorithms to identify materials. When the user touches the area they want to paint, the color is overlayed onto the area, while identified boundaries are left unpainted. The overlay is blended over the photo to give the user a generated image of their selected paint color on the wall.

Realistic Representation

Overlaying a block of color alone isn't enough to make an image look realistic, which is important for making our technology as useful as possible to the user. In order to have a realistic representation of the paint color, shadows and highlights are preserved when overlaying the paint and edges are blended smoothly. We accomplish this by interrogating the scene prior to painting to determine intensity levels in order to preserve them when the overlay is calculated. The paint brightness is adjusted based on these levels and the contrast is enhanced based upon the lighting and texture of the object being painted. Using techniques from artificial intelligence, we are able to train the programs how to realistically render a scene as an artist would.

Advanced Painting

Our custom algorithms use principals from machine learning and vision to identify the likely boundaries of where the user wants paint based on a single touch alone. Our smart paint brushes can adjust to edges from a general definition of where to paint, so a rough touch or swipe is enough to generate detailed results. Currently, we are improving our technology using more sophisticated learning algorithms, which will be more humanlike in their approach.

Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality is optimized to render materials and objects in real-time, while tracking, adjusting for realism, and learning where to render at frame rates approaching 30 fps. We do this by using a heavily parallelized architecture on both the CPU and GPU. Our goal is a system that can render realistically enough that it fools the eye by adjusting and learning about the room as it renders.


Licensing of our Home Augmentation SDK is available for purchase.

Our software will work on mobile devices, websites, AppleTV, and kiosks. We perform development work and integrate custom branding and the company's own materials and data and have developed an SDK that is easily added to an existing app or by any ad agency. Demos provided upon request for a 30 day trial. Try it now!

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