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Cambrian creates augmented reality technology for mobile devices. We are focused on the home improvement industry and becoming the mobile destination for DIYers.

Our augmented reality technology allows users to simply touch the screen on the area they want to change and the software will segment and transform it automatically, in real time. We strive to make the experience as realistic and accurate as possible, so users can see what the transformation would actually look like in their space. Our goal is to create seamless interactions that look and feel like magic.

We are growing our company, constantly improving our technlogy and branching out to include more product categories for visualization, such as countertops, backsplashes, appliances, and more.


Cambrian uses computer vision and machine learning to make our augmented reality easy to use and as realistic as possible to deliver the best experience to the user.

Our Visualizer and AR platform uses the most sophisticated and advanced technology available, including our own patent pending algorithms, to allow users to visualize their space transformed with their own mobile device.

Realistic Representation

To be useful to our users, the AR experience has to look both realistic and accurately represent the paint or flooring they are visualizing. Cambrian's technology preserves shadows, retains highlights, and recreates the lighting in the room to give the user an exceptionally realistic augmented representation of their space. Using machine learning, we are able to train the programs to realistically render a scene like an artist would.

Advanced Painting

Our custom algorithms use principals from machine learning and vision to identify the likely boundaries of where the user wants paint based on a single touch alone. Our smart paint brushes can adjust to edges from a general definition of where to paint, so a rough touch or swipe is enough to generate detailed results.

Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality is optimized to render materials and objects in real-time, while tracking, adjusting for realism, and solving where to render at frame rates above 30 fps. We do this by using a heavily parallelized architecture on both the CPU and GPU. Our goal is a system that can render realistically enough that it fools the eye by adjusting and learning about the room as it renders.


Cambrian's Home Augmentation SDK is available to license. We have Home Augmentation SDK's in Paint, Flooring, and more coming soon.

Our software runs on iOS, Android, web, AppleTV, and kiosks. Our SDK's have been developed to be easily integrated into an existing app, or built into a new app.

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